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Just connect TrackiPal to your Shopify Plus store and auto-sync shipped order info with PayPal to reduce chargebacks, lower the rolling-reserve, and get your funds up to 10X faster.

“We use TrackiPal on two stores
and it works perfectly.”

“TrackiPal has been a great app
for our store.”

“Thousands of dollars saved
and happier customers.”

Popular features

Why Shopify Plus stores love TrackiPal

Trackipal makes it effortless for Shopify Plus stores to sync thousands of PayPal orders in real-time.

Designed for Shopify Plus

TrackiPal was designed for Shopify plus so large stores can easily sync over 5000 orders to PayPal every minute.

You get a number of great features with the Shopify Plus plan of TrackiPal:

Connect unlimited PayPal accounts

Real-time sync

Dedicated processing clusters

Advanced reporting

PCI and SOC2 compliant security

Priority 24x7 customer support

Fully automated

Fully-automated sync so you can set it and forget it. Your orders sync to PayPal in the background as you focus on store growth.

Lightning-fast sync

Real time sync with over 5000 orders synced every minute so your PayPal account is always up to date.

Clean, intuitive interface

See a live view of the sync status and drill down to individual order details as needed.

Integrates seamlessly

TrackiPal works seamlessly with Shopify Plus and relies on links up with PayPal using API.

Enterprise-grade security

All data is sent using PayPal's secure API and with PCI and SOC2 security standards.

Dedicated processing cluster

Get dedicated processing power to sync thousands of orders with PayPal every minute.

Add custom rules

Create automatic rules for digital products or replace carrier name before syncing to PayPal.

"We often had issues with PayPal banning our account because we didn't upload the tracking IDs. That's now solved with TrackiPal - it automatically uploads the tracking number and PayPal likes that. I called PayPal customer support and asked if the app was desirable and they confirmed that it was a great way to avoid suspensions."

"If you accept payments via PayPal, this app is an absolutely essential automation solution to bridge your store, shipping platform, and PayPal. It saved us double digit hours and helped get our settlements 10X faster. Highly recommended!".

"Absolutely worth every penny! A great way to keep PayPal up to date, as PayPal has no native solution to this issue on their own. Thank you also for the great support and availability team TrackiPal."

Get TrackiPal for Shopify Plus

Add TrackiPal to your store and sync PayPal orders in real time

Get the most powerful app for syncing your PayPal orders and grow much faster.

Start with ease!

Auto sync Shopify orders to PayPal

Instantly and automatically sync shipped order tracking info to your PayPal account with no manual intervention.

No more typing order details one-by-one or waiting weeks for your funds.

Sync PayPal order tracking instantly with no effort

Real time sync ensures your PayPal is always up to date

Save time, resources and money

Start with ease!

Control order sync from dashboard

Order tracking info is synced to PayPal accounts in real-time.

See live sync-status, order details, and your PayPal disputes from the clean, yet powerful dashboard.

Orders are synced to PayPal in real-time

Live sync incoming orders and bulk-sync old orders

Setup automatic carrier rules and manage digital products

Start with ease!

Get your PayPal funds 10X faster

Improve your PayPal merchant record to reduce, and even remove, the rolling reserve on your account.

Avoid chargebacks and get your funds released up to 10X faster!

Boost your seller reputation with PayPal

Reduce the chargeback / dispute rate by up to 80%

Get your PayPal funds released in days not weeks

Trusted by fastest growing Shopify Plus stores

"Saved me nearly 30 hours of work a month of mundane work. Thousands of dollars saved in payroll and happier customers who are getting their updates right away. Plus I get my PayPal funds sooner."
Store owner
Reduction in chargebacks since installing TrackiPal
Client since October 2021
Using TrackiPal Premium
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