Top 4 Features of Trackipal for PayPal Sync

April 18, 2023

Denise Ellison
Top 4 Features of Trackipal for PayPal Sync

Benefits of TrackiPal PayPal tracking sync:

Having PayPal as an accepted payment method on your Shopify site, is an easy way to get started on building out the best ecommerce business. According to the latest stats, more than “20 percent of small enterprises fail in the very first year, and nearly 50 percent of small startups fail within the first five years.” Having an incredible business strategy and a reliable, solid set of ecommerce tools on your site, you can begin to grow your business on Shopify and plan for a profitable year ahead. 

TrackiPal allows Shopify merchants to sync shipped order tracking information from Shopify to PayPal directly. The order tracking info is synced to PayPal in real-time, where the merchant can see a live status, order details and the PayPal claims/disputes from the dashboard. TrackiPal makes your operations easy, so you don’t have to manually enter order details one by one from Shopify to PayPal. Saving time and automating tasks. The top 4 benefits of using TrackiPal are:

  • Lower your rolling reserve in PayPal, get paid much faster
  • Save time and energy with automatic sync in real time
  • Monitor live status with a clear dashboard
  • Avoid chargebacks and disputes

Sync PayPal orders in real time: 

TrackiPal is the most powerful PayPal app for Shopify stores. Our core feature is to allow Shopify merchants instantly and automatically sync shipped order tracking info to your PayPal account. Not only does this save time by automating this process for you, but lets you organize your orders in the TrackiPal dashboard. 

Once an order is fulfilled, Trackipal will sync the tracking info to the connected PayPal account automatically within 2 hours. TrackiPal uses PayPal secure API so your order data always remains safe. TrackiPal let’s you synch historical orders and will by default sync orders from the past 60 days during your onboarding process the first time. 

Monitor Live Status:

One of our customer favorite features is the amazing dashboard for TrackiPal users. The clear, user friendly dashboard is simple to use and has all the order status and data built in, secure and easily organized for a better management on the business side. In the TrackiPal dashboard you can view your orders, routing policy, FAQ and customize your settings. TrackiPal’s dashboard, offers a powerful reporting tool where you can get a live status of the sync. You can track order details and drill down into individual order details when needed.  

Get Paid Faster

If you’re new to using PayPal as a primary payment method online, you may have heard of account reserves in PayPal. According to PayPal, “an account reserve is an amount of money that's put on hold in your PayPal account to help cover potential financial risk, such as payment reversals you may receive like chargebacks and claims.”

PayPal uses three types of reserves: rolling reserves, minimum reserves, and jumpstart reserves on accounts. Each reserve type is different and depends on the type of business you do, you can learn more about it here.  One standard practice for PayPal accounts is that a reserve can be placed on your account for a variety of reasons. It is set on a case-by-case basis with PayPal. These are some of the considerations: 

  • Your processing history with PayPal and other providers
  • Whether your industry has a higher likelihood of chargebacks or refunds
  • Whether your account has an elevated number of customer claims and disputes
  • Your business and/or personal credit history
  • Whether you are selling products or services in advance (preselling orders).
  • Your delivery time frames - whether there are extended delivery timeframes

TrackiPal comes in and solves most of these considerations so PayPal can release your funds faster. You improve your seller record with PayPal to lower, or even remove, the rolling reserve on your account.

Avoid Chargeback and Disputes: 

With real-time sync in TrackiPal, you will get fewer disputes and chargebacks. The customer gets a seamless shopping experience and your Shopify store operations go much smoother. One example of a customer who uses TrackiPal and has found success in adding it to their ecommerce stack is family owned shop in Scottland. 

The Little Thistle Shop is a Scottish family gift shop that offers a wide range of unique Scottish gifts from jewelry, home and greeting cards. The Little Thistle Shop is super popular with over 25,000 followers on social media, they handpick all of their products from Scottish creators. They use TrackiPal to manage their tracking details, while also letting the TrackiPal automation feed PayPal with all the data and have their funds released faster. 

“This app did exactly what I need! I'm in the UK using Royal Mail Click & Drop and needed an integration to fill in the tracking details that Royal Mail sends to shopify. All I do is send the parcel and the rest is automatic. This massively helped PayPal not to put any funds on hold. I was new to PayPal and they still held most of the money coming in until I started using this app and then within just 4 weeks they're not holding a penny anymore.”

Owning your own tools for your ecommerce business is essential for top growth on Shopify. With the right strategy and apps in place to help run your business, you can be set up for success. 

Install TrackiPal free for 3 days to get familiar with the interface of our intuitive dashboard and synch order details to your PayPal account.