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  • Sync unlimited orders with PayPal.
  • Connect 1 PayPal account
  • Real-time synchronization
  • Support for Payflow and others
  • 24x7 customer support
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  • All features in Basic +
  • Connect up to 5 PayPal accounts
  • Add custom carrier info rules
  • Sync digital product orders
  • Premium 24x7 customer support
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  • All features in Premium +
  • Designed for Shopify Plus stores
  • Connect unlimited PayPal accounts
  • Dedicated processing clusters
  • Advanced reporting features
  • PCI & SOC2 compliance cluster
  • Priority 24x7 customer support
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  • Sync unlimited orders with PayPal.
  • Connect unlimited PayPal accounts
  • Sync digital product orders
  • Add custom carrier info rules
  • Support for Payflow and others
  • Dedicated processing clusters
  • Advanced reporting features
  • PCI & SOC2 compliance cluster
  • Premium 24x7 customer support
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Customer testimonials

Trusted by 5000+ stores on Shopify

TrackiPal helps thousands of e-commerce store owners simplify they payments process and create more revenue.

Awesome support

"Awesome customer support and application. It adds tracking numbers on autopilot. I'd give it 10/10.


Great support

"The app does what it is supposed to do. No complaints so far. Support is also very fast. Even on Christmas someone was there for us."


Great customer support

"Great customer support. Looks like I finally found the answer to all my PayPal tracking ID questions."


Easy to use

"Easy to use with fast support! Great "back in time" feature that allows you to re-sync up to the last 90 days."


A very good way of preventing suspensions

"We often had issues with PayPal banning our account because of missing tracking IDs. That time is over now with TrackiPal. The app automatically uploads the tracking number regularly. I called PayPal support and asked them if the app was desirable and they said it was a very good way to prevent suspensions."

Sevora Products

Simple and effective

"Simple, effective, life saver. Auto-sync to PayPal at its finest!”

Works as intended

“TrackiPal synced all our order tracking info to PayPal"

Happy customers

“Thousands of dollars saved and happier customers.”

Frequently asked questions

Pricing and plans

Carrier Tracking

General Questions

Is it easy to cancel my subscription if I change my mind?

Absolutely! We want to ensure that every single user of TrackiPal is satisfied.

If for some reason we cannot fulfil your requirements, you can cancel your subscription at any time with no obligations.

Just use your Shopify Apps billing dashboard or email us at

How is my subscription period calculated?

You pay a flat monthly fee after you subscribe based on the plan that you choose.

The monthly subscription period is calculated in 1-month increments from the date you start your subscription.

Start with the 7-day free trial and subscribe or upgrade as your store grows.

Will using TrackiPal increase our overall shipping cost?

TrackiPal is free to install and you can use all features for a 7-day trial period. After the trial is up, you can subscribe to the Basic, Premium or Advanced plans based on the size of your store.

The pricing is flat and billed once a month. There are no hidden fees and your shipping/tracking cost does not change.

How to use Routing Policy feature?

With the Routing Policy feature, you can create custom rules to auto-update carrier names from your store to those that PayPal recognizes in its list of carriers.

Once the rule is added, TrackiPal will auto-update the carrier name before syncing the tracking info to PayPal. This ensures that you always share the most valid information with PayPal and your payments are thus released faster.

I can’t find the carrier name I use in my store. Should I just use ‘Other’?

If you don’t see the name of the carrier you use, please let us know by emailing and we will add the carrier name to the list.

You can also use our latest feature called Routing Policy which helps you update carrier information in real-time. This is explained in the next question.

What happens if I fulfill an order without adding a tracking number?

When an order doesn’t have a tracking number attached, the field ‘SYNC STATE’ shows ‘MISSING TRACKING NUMBER’ and the field ‘FULFILLMENT STATUS’ will show ‘UNFULFILLED’.

You can fulfill the order from your store or manually add the tracking number directly into TrackiPal by clicking on the button ‘UPDATE TRACKING INFO’. TrackiPal will automatically pick the tracking number and sync it to PayPal.

How can I reduce or remove rolling reserve on my PayPal account?

Reducing your PayPal reserve requires you to remain proactive as a seller.

To lower and even remove account reserve from your PayPal account, stores are expected to fulfill orders quickly, sync order tracking info to PayPal, control the amount of disputes and chargebacks on their account, responding to customer queries, adding tracking details of orders and responding to disputes quickly.

PayPal order tracking sync apps like TrackiPal help you streamline this process.

What is a PayPal rolling reserve?

A rolling reserve is the most common type of account reserve placed by PayPal on business accounts. In this type of reserve, PayPal holds a percentage of each transaction you receive each day and then releases it later on a scheduled basis. PayPal maintains this rolling reserve as a means of safeguarding PayPal users from fraudulent transactions and/or unfulfilled orders.

To lower and even remove account reserve from your PayPal account, stores can fulfill orders quickly, sync order tracking info to PayPal, control the amount of disputes and chargebacks on their account, among others. PayPal order tracking sync apps like TrackiPal help you streamline this process.

How long does it take to sync orders to PayPal?

Once an order is fulfilled, Trackipal will sync the tracking info to the connected PayPal account automatically and instantly but within a maximum of two hours.

TrackiPal uses PayPal secure API so your order data always remains safe.

TrackiPal will by default sync orders from the past 60 days during your onboarding process.

This process may take up to 6 hours to complete.

What is the benefit of syncing order information to PayPal?

When PayPal recognizes that your store syncs order tracking information quickly and reliably it improves your merchant account record.

By improving this record, you will reduce the amount of 'account reserve' on your PayPal account. In simple words, it just means PayPal will hold less of your money as a sort of 'guarantee fund'.

PayPal will also start releasing your funds up to 10X faster.

And most importantly, because your customers always see the up to date tracking information for their orders in their PayPal account, you will get up to 90% fewer PayPal disputes and chargebacks.

What is PayPal tracking sync?

PayPal requires merchants to update tracking info for a transaction once the order is fulfilled. Normally, PayPal will hold a percentage of your revenue as “account reserve”.

Depending on evaluation of your account by PayPal security team, this reserve amount is held for up to 90 days. The best way to reduce “account reserve” amount, and the time your funds are held, is to give your customers valid tracking information through PayPal.

TrackiPal manages this process for your store automatically. When an order is fulfilled on your store, its tracking number is extracted from Shopify and sent to your PayPal account using the secure API provided by PayPal.

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