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The ultimate PayPal automation toolbox

"This is so far the best PayPal transaction sync app I used with Shopify."

TrackiPal is the #1 Shopify app to synchronize order tracking info directly with PayPal in real time.

Grow your store, stop wasting time on manually entering order info.

The most powerful PayPal app for Shopify stores.

Instantly and automatically sync shipped order tracking info to your PayPal account. Improve your seller record with PayPal to lower, or even remove, the rolling reserve on your account. Get your PayPal funds faster with TrackiPal.

Real-time, no limits

Sync unlimited orders in real-time so PayPal releases your payments faster than ever.

Make no effort

Fully automated, just connect and go

Sync unlimited orders

No limits on number of orders


Easy to control

Get effortless usability with powerful features.

Sync historical orders

Sync orders from 60 days before installing

Add routing policies

Add carrier routing rules for auto-updating carrier names to PayPal's reference list


Powerful reporting

Get live status of the sync from the powerful and easy to understand dashboard.

Monitor live sync status

See live status of the sync to PayPal

Track order details

Drill-down into individual order details when needed


Built for PayPal

TrackiPal is a 5-star rated PayPal partner and uses PayPal's secure API for order sync.

Boost your reputation

Become a trusted seller with PayPal

Get funds 10X faster

PayPal will release your funds faster so you can use your revenue for growing faster


Powerful features

One app for PayPal payments

Sync your PayPal orders in real-time to reduce chargebacks and recover up to 5X more revenue.

Easy to use

It takes minutes to setup and start syncing orders

Fully automated

Everything is automated so you can set and forget

Save lost revenue

TrackiPal helps stores save up to 5X of lost revenue

Reduces chargebacks

With real-time sync you will get fewer disputes and chargebacks

Secure API

TrackiPal is built with the secure API provided by PayPal

Back in time

Sync your old orders from before you installed TrackiPal

Real-time sync

Real-time sync ensures you never worry about order sync

Grow faster

Focus the saved time and money on growing your store

"We often had issues with PayPal banning our account because of missing tracking IDs. That time is over now with TrackiPal.

The app automatically uploads the tracking number regularly. I called PayPal support and asked them if the app was desirable and they said it was a very good way to prevent suspensions."

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Used in over 200 countries

E-commerce stores globally power their payments with TrackiPal

Store owners love TrackiPal

#1 PayPal order sync app

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"Easy to use with fast support! Great "back in time" feature that allows you to re-sync up to the last 90 days."


"Great customer support. Looks like I finally found the answer to all my PayPal tracking ID questions."


"The app does what it is supposed to do. No complaints so far. Support is also very fast. Even on Christmas someone was there for us.".


"Awesome customer support and application. It adds tracking numbers on autopilot. I'd give it 10/10.


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