Integrates with 10+ ecommerce platforms

Trackipal integrates seamlessly with 10+ ecommerce platforms, including Shopify & Shopify Plus.

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Customer testimonials

Stores love Trackipal

Awesome support

"Awesome customer support and application. It adds tracking numbers on autopilot. I'd give it 10/10.


Great support

"The app does what it is supposed to do. No complaints so far. Support is also very fast. Even on Christmas someone was there for us."


Great customer support

"Great customer support. Looks like I finally found the answer to all my PayPal tracking ID questions."


Easy to use

"Easy to use with fast support! Great "back in time" feature that allows you to re-sync up to the last 90 days."


A very good way of preventing suspensions

"We often had issues with PayPal banning our account because of missing tracking IDs. That time is over now with TrackiPal. The app automatically uploads the tracking number regularly. I called PayPal support and asked them if the app was desirable and they said it was a very good way to prevent suspensions."

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Simple and effective

"Simple, effective, life saver. Auto-sync to PayPal at its finest!”

Works as intended

“TrackiPal synced all our order tracking info to PayPal"

Happy customers

“Thousands of dollars saved and happier customers.”

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