Adding order tracking info in PayPal - Manual or Automated?

April 18, 2023

EL Mehdi
Adding order tracking info in PayPal - Manual or Automated?

Syncing order tracking info to PayPal

According to Oberlo, there are over 528 million entrepreneurs in the world. 528 million businesses in the making, 528 million dreams. If there is anything we have learned at TrackiPal, it’s creating tools for busy Shopify merchants who are part of the millions of entrepreneurs in the world ( and across industries), we have to make their lives easier. 

No Shopify merchant wants to spend their time processing manual information into another software or app. As a busy entrepreneur, you are essentially running various aspects of your business from inventory management to managing employees to finances and everything in between. Which is why we built TrackiPal. 

PayPal has been one of the first digital platforms for accepting payments on ecommerce stores, so you know it’s secure and safe. It has allowed millions of merchants to accept payments across their Shopify stores in different industries. One area PayPal has lacked in is the automation between entering information from Shopify to PayPal. 

Shopify merchants currently have to enter shipping and other information into PayPal, one by one and immediately after purchase. Not doing so can allow PayPal to withhold funds, and not mark orders as fulfilled. This manual work is necessary but daunting to merchants. 

Automating certain workflows and areas within your business will make life so much easier. One thing PayPal requires of Shopify merchants, it to update tracking info for a transaction once the order is fulfilled. TrackiPal makes this process effortless. TrackiPal is the most powerful PayPal app for Shopify stores. Our core feature is to allow Shopify merchants instantly and automatically sync shipped order tracking info to your PayPal account. Not only does this save time by automating this process for you, but lets you organize your orders in the TrackiPal dashboard. 

Once an order is fulfilled, Trackipal will sync the tracking info to the connected PayPal account automatically within 2 hours. TrackiPal uses PayPal secure API so your order data always remains safe. TrackiPal lets you synch historical orders and will by default sync orders from the past 60 days during your onboarding process the first time. TrackiPal works in real-time and is fully automated.


TrackiPal allows Shopify merchants to sync shipped order tracking information from Shopify to PayPal directly. The order tracking info is synced to PayPal in real-time, where the merchant can see a live status, order details and the PayPal claims/disputes from the dashboard. TrackiPal makes your operations easy, so you don’t have to manually enter order details one by one from Shopify to PayPal. Saving time and automating tasks. 

Top Benefits of using TrackiPal Sync:

  • Lower your rolling reserve in PayPal, get paid much faster
  • Save time and energy with automatic sync in real time
  • Monitor live status with a clear dashboard
  • Avoid chargebacks and disputes

EdenHouse Products Inc. is a Canadian tech accessories shop focused on selling the best tech equipment for phones to laptops. TrackiPal was able to save them time by automating the order information into PayPal. “I used another PayPal app to auto fulfill my tracking on Paypal, and it didn't work well. TrackiPal actually does what it's supposed to, so I don't need to manually enter in tracking details anymore.”

TrackiPal is Trusted by more than 5000 stores on Shopify, ranging across from all types of industries and business size. We are rates 4.9 on the Shopify App Store and love to see customers make their life easier. 

One key factor to growth on Shopify, especially if you are using PayPal, is having a stack of tools and resources merchants can own and count on. By taking advantage of the more than 6,000 apps in the Shopify App Store, you can set up your business for success. 

Install TrackiPal free for 3 days to get familiar with the interface of our intuitive dashboard and synch order details to your PayPal account.