Everything you need to know about Paypal Tracking Sync

April 18, 2023

PayPal payments
EL Mehdi
Everything you need to know about Paypal Tracking Sync

Everything you need to know about Paypal Tracking Sync 

In recent years, PayPal has received incredible traction from merchants and consumers. Today, around 54% of all e-commerce websites have PayPal as a payment option, and over 28 million active merchant accounts are on the platform. 

Contrary to how most businesses begin, taking payments on PayPal for online orders through your website requires more than just a business account. It requires the business to update order tracking information to the platform proactively. 

But why?

According to a Harvard Business Review study, most online shoppers experience post-purchase anxiety. Online fraud has only increased, resulting in more cancellations, disputes, and WISMO calls, making it crucial for businesses to keep them up-to-date about their orders. 

In this post, we'll take a case in point of dispute on orders placed through PayPal payments.  

Suppose a customer files an "Item Not Received" dispute against you even after receiving an order. Now, as a part of their investigation, PayPal will ask you to provide sufficient proof that the order got delivered. 

Typically, a business will go into their records to find order information, find the tracking number and then provide PayPal with the details to tackle the situation - this can go from a few hours to days or weeks based on how streamlined the operations are. 

This is where it becomes crucial to have PayPal tracking sync in place. 

What is PayPal Tracking Sync?

Tracking the package after sending it for delivery is essential because it gives the merchant conclusive proof that the order has reached the consumer. This helps mitigate disputes and protects against any false complaints by the customer.  

In simple terms, PayPal Tracking Number Synchronization is a process that lets you automatically integrate order tracking information from your carrier after a purchase is made directly to PayPal. 

While this process can be done manually, it typically leaves room for errors and delays. That's why businesses are now actively seeking automated solutions instead. 

How does PayPal Tracking Sync Work? 

PayPal has made it a mandatory requirement for merchants to add delivery tracking information to their accounts. This way, PayPal can investigate fraud claims and mitigate them appropriately. 

There are two ways to synchronize PayPal tracking numbers- manual and automated.

If you opt for the manual approach, you will be required to put in the order details and shipment information as soon as you process the order. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps to put in the PayPal Tracking Number manually: 

  • Click on the 'Activity' option at the top of the page on your PayPal account.  
  • After finding the transaction you need to update, click on the dropdown list; you will find it in the 'Actions' column next to the transaction. 
  • Click 'Add tracking' in the dropdown list. 
  • Select 'Shipped' in the order status dropdown. 
  • After filling in the tracking information, select the shipping carrier. 
  • If the item or service you sold is intangible, select 'Order Processed,' you will see that 'Tracking information not required' is checked. 
  • Click Submit. 

For every item you ship and enter the tracking information, the particular buyer will be notified with an email containing information like the shipping carrier, tracking number, and order status.

If you opt for automated PayPal Tracking Number Sync, it will automatically integrate all the required information of every transaction directly from the shipment carrier to PayPal. 

Choosing automated PayPal Track Sync would help you even more if you often have to ship orders in bulk. If any customer falsely complains of 'Item Not Received,' in this case, PayPal already has all the information required to take action on the dispute raised. 

You can automate PayPal tracking sync with apps like TrackiPal - all you need to do is add it to your online store and connect your PayPal account to it.  

The following status breakdown will show after PayPal track sync: 

  • Shipped
  • Order on Hold
  • Order Delivered 
  • Order Canceled 

Why do you need PayPal Tracking Sync?

With its growing popularity, PayPal is tightening its terms and policies. Measures such as dispute fees, account reserves, and even merchant bans are now in place to make it safer for consumers. 

Even a marginal error in providing shipping details can cause such hassles for your business. 

But with a sound and automated PayPal Tracking Sync system, you need not worry about mishaps, false claims, or disputes. Opting for the automatic process saves time and energy and does the job accurately. 

Benefits of using automated PayPal Tracking Sync

Many PayPal merchant accounts still manually fill in the shipping details of an order. It is time-consuming, tiring, and prone to error. That is what PayPal Tracking Number Synchronization helps you with. 

Let us discuss the multiple benefits of automating PayPal order tracking sync. 

1. Seller Protection

Every time you process the shipment of an order, PayPal tracking sync automatically delivers the tracking number from your shipping carrier to the PayPal system. 

With such integration, PayPal can locate a particular tracking number in seconds and use it as proof of delivery in their investigation. The number will show the exact date and time of delivery and resolve any intention of fraud or chargebacks. Syncing your online store's order tracking information is a must to avail of this protection. 

2. Fewer Chargebacks & PayPal Disputes

Having your tracking details automatically in the PayPal system shows you as a reliable business. Customers do not face post-order anxiety and are less likely to complain about any order delivery. 

3. Accuracy

Filling in order details manually is prone to human error. As an online business, reputation is everything, and risking it with mistakes is terrible for customer retention. Automated synchronization avoids such instances and immediately syncs tracking data with PayPal's system. Customers get prompt and accurate updates on their delivery, resulting in better customer satisfaction. 

4. Saves Time

Manual updating for every order shipment is daunting, time-consuming, and tedious. With PayPal Track Sync, you can avoid all those hassles and save a lot of time that you would otherwise waste on such repetitive tasks. Instead, you can invest more time and focus on the important aspects of your business. 

5. Security

Automated PayPal tracking sync provides layers of security to ensure that the personal information of your customers, like addresses and contact numbers, is not leaked. 

6. Earning PayPal's trust

The more popular PayPal became, the crowded it got. So if you are a small and new online business trying to make it through PayPal, you will find it tricky to establish yourself in this competitive market. Synchronizing your tracking data in the PayPal system gives your business the authenticity it needs to be established as a trusted merchant account. 

7. Lesser funds in rolling reserves

PayPal holds funds in the reserve account to cover any probable case of dispute raised by the customers. If your tracking data is integrated with PayPal, it does not flag you as a potentially risky business. Hence, vast amounts of funds do not get stuck in the reserves. 

8. Quicker release of funds

PayPal can hold your payment for up to 21 days if disputes rapidly increase. This can be problematic if the order is in large volume, resulting in the stagnation of large amounts of funds. But with automated tracking sync, you can avoid such instances and even expedite the faster release of funds. 


PayPal Tracking Number Synchronization will help you establish a credible business on PayPal. But for that to work, you need seamless integration between your online store and your PayPal merchant account. 

TrackiPal is a fast and easy way to synchronize shipment tracking info for PayPal orders directly to your merchant account. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, TrackiPal is fully automated and works on the process in real-time. 

The comprehensive, clean, and feature-rich dashboard will provide details on your Paypal fulfilled orders, claims, and disputes in real-time without logging in to your Paypal account. Moreover, with its new Routing Policy feature, you can create custom rules to auto-update carrier names from your store to those that PayPal recognizes in its list of carriers.

TrackiPal will not only sync your new order but also integrate all shipping information of your old orders, making it easier for you to keep track. You can release funds 10X faster by subscribing to TackiPal. 

With its PayPal secure API, TrackiPal provides you unmatched security against cyber breaches. TrackiPal's software is intuitive, easy to navigate, and tracks order volumes. 

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