How to choose the right PayPal tracking app for your Shopify store

April 18, 2023

PayPal payments
EL Mehdi
How to choose the right PayPal tracking app for your Shopify store

How to choose the right PayPal tracking app for your Shopify store 

'Item Not Received' disputes can harm your credibility as an online store. So, PayPal requires you to provide all details of an order delivery every time you ship an order. 

In our last blog, we highlighted the importance of automating PayPal Tracking Number Synchronization and how it helps overturn any false disputes or chargebacks. 

If you synchronize your PayPal merchant account with PayPal Tracking Number, it will be pivotal evidence in mitigating any false claims. As the previous blog explains, it is far more convenient to opt for a PayPal tracking app to be able to do so.

Now there are a number of Shopify apps that help with PayPal tracking synchronization, but the tricky part is choosing the right one. You don't just want to be able to sync order tracking information for customers but also actively track the status of disputes and other related aspects of selling through PayPal.   

So, in this post, we'll help you uncover what a good PayPal order sync Shopify app should offer. 

Features to look for in a PayPal tracking app

1. Connects easily between PayPal account and Shopify store

Integrating technology into your day-to-day business only works when it is simple and intuitive to the end-user. The ideal PayPal Tracking App should connect your shop and PayPal merchant account quickly and easily. 

A good application will provide comprehensive information for the user to smoothly operate between the store and the PayPal account. It will come with an easy connect functionality that shouldn't take more than a few minutes.  

2. Should sync orders in real-time

The primary point of subscribing to a PayPal Tracking App is to be able to optimize real-time synchronization. The right application will sync order status to PayPal in real-time instead of scheduled cycles.  

Many applications give a weekly update option or a tab where you need to click to sync the information, but this can lead to delays and errors. As soon as a customer places an order using PayPal, all information regarding the order, including its tracking number, estimated delivery date, etc., should be automatically updated on PayPal. 

3. Sync your old order history

Many businesses have been conducting their operations through PayPal merchant account for quite some time. But more and more Shopify stores are now actively considering getting a suitable PayPal Tracking App. 

If you are one of them, make sure your chosen application not only synchronizes every new order you get but also your older order history. With the right application, you will have information regarding your older orders automatically moved to PayPal while onboarding. 

Just syncing the new order details may open windows of disputes regarding older orders. But suppose your PayPal tracking application syncs older order details as well. In that case, you will have all the necessary order details handy in case any customer raises complaints regarding any older order. 

4. Monitor the status of your PayPal disputes

Primarily, customers raise concerns when they do not have sufficient information regarding their orders, have not received their order, or have received incomplete or damaged orders. Unresolved disputes can result in increased account reserves, which, in turn, can heavily impact your business's cash flow. 

Your PayPal tracking app should track, monitor, and help you address customer disputes and concerns in real-time. This way, you have a window of opportunity to fix any mishaps or mitigate the issue before it escalates. It also helps you be prepared to protect your business from any fraud or false claims of customers. 

5. Monitor real-time order status

Tracking the progress of a shipment keeps both you and your customers stress-free. The right tracking app will not only synchronize your order information but also enable you and your customer to monitor the status of your order in real-time. 

This way, the chances of your customers raising disputes decreases and establishes you as a reliable and responsible Shopify store. Apart from that, you can manage the progress of your order if there is any delay in delivery. 

6. It helps you reduce chargebacks

Having your tracking details automatically synced helps with order tracking. So if you have opted for an efficient PayPal tracking app, chargebacks and disputes should significantly reduce. Additionally, your merchant record will improve with immediate order details syncing, and rolling reserves will be lower. 

If you see that customers are still raising delivery-related complaints or your funds are getting stuck in the reserves, know that your chosen application is not doing the job it was supposed to. Be thorough and go through all the features that will help decrease chargebacks before choosing one for your Shopify store.  

7. It does not impact your store's loading speed

Whatever application you choose to sync your order details with PayPal, adding it should not hamper or increase the loading time of your store's page. The average website speed across all industries and countries is 8.66 seconds. But ideally, a Shopify page should load in 3 seconds for maximum impact. 

Remember, you lose potential conversions every second you lose in the page loading process. Make sure your chosen PayPal tracking app does not lower the loading speed of your Shopify store

8. Should be GDPR compliant

Your chosen tracking application should automate the repetitive tasks involved in the manual implementation of compliance. General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is a relatively new addition to the compliance guidelines of businesses but is extremely important to comply with.

General Data Protection Regulation affects every aspect of your business that deals with data. GDPR readiness is necessary to streamline all your order data. So it is of utmost necessity that you ensure that your PayPal tracking app is end-to-end GDPR compliant. 

9. Integration with other apps

Having all your necessary apps integrated with your PayPal tracking application makes your workflow seamless. As a Shopify store, you may use other applications like Payflow, Interact, CJDropshipping, Oberlo, etc., besides PayPal. To avoid data redundancy and increase agility, choose a PayPal tracking app that smoothly integrates with all your necessary tools and applications. An ideal tracking app should work with each app efficiently and offer the same features.

10. Customization and 24X7 customer support

Requirements for every business are not the same. So the best Paypal tracking apps offer customization, allowing you to use it according to your business's needs. 

Applying technology in your daily operations will prove to be tricky sometimes. Choose an application that provides 24X7 customer support and helps you navigate your way if you hit a bump while using it. 


Scaling your business through PayPal has the potential for immense growth. But for that, regulation compliance, end-to-end automation, accurate dashboards, and a secure and easy-to-use interface are necessary to track and deliver orders seamlessly. 

Choosing the right Paypal tracking app will be your first step towards fewer disputes, lower account reserves, more funds, and increased visibility as a Shopify store. So you must invest in one carefully. 

TrackiPal is a 5-star rated app chosen by Shopify stores for its efficiency, accuracy, and visible results. It is a fast and easy way for you to synchronize shipment tracking info for PayPal orders directly to your PayPal merchant account. 

Features like a comprehensive dashboard help you monitor orders and order-related disputes in real-time. The new Routing Policy feature allows you to customize rules and auto-update carrier names from your store to those that PayPal recognizes in its list of carriers. Moreover, it uses PayPal secure API for excellent cyber security. 

Your search for the right Paypal tracking app ends now. Choose TrackiPal today for a thriving Shopify store!