What is Trackipal?

April 18, 2023

EL Mehdi
What is Trackipal?

Succeed on Shopify with TrackiPal PayPal Tracking Sync

There has been no better time than now, to start a business on Shopify. Whether it's a side hustle or you're going all-in on a business idea or you’re an entrepreneur or a solopreneur, the opportunities are endless. The global ecommerce market is expected to total $5.55 trillion in 2022, with ecommerce taking up 22.3% of total retail sales. Leaving an opportunity for Shopify merchants to capture their market as more consumers shop online and become more loyal to independent brands on Shopify. 

One key factor to having major success on Shopify is taking full advantage of the abundance of apps in the Shopify App Store. With more than 6,000 apps to help you do everything from shipping to marketing to tracking and synching orders, and everything in between, the app store can transform your Shopify site into a major brand.

What is TrackiPal? 

TrackiPal allows Shopify merchants to sync shipped order tracking information from Shopify to PayPal directly. The order tracking info is synced to PayPal in real-time, where the merchant can see a live status, order details, and the PayPal claims/disputes from the dashboard.

If you’re a merchant that uses PayPal as a tool alongside Shopify, PayPal requires merchants to update tracking info for a transaction once the order is fulfilled. TrackiPal makes this process effortless, so you don’t have to manually enter order details one by one. Saving time and automating certain tasks. 

When an order is fulfilled on a Shopify store, its tracking number is extracted from Shopify and sent to the PayPal account using the secure API provided by PayPal. TrackiPal allows you to automate this process in your fulfillment operations. 

How it Works

TrackiPal believes you can power your PayPal payments workflow with one simple app. Through TrackiPal you can sync 5,000 orders per minute, track everything from TrackiPal’s dashboard that is easily organized for automation and saving time and ultimately get your PayPal funds up to 10 times faster. 


TrackiPal integrates natively with Shopify and works seamlessly with a simple user interface. You can link one or multiple PayPal accounts. Through the integration and because we use PayPal’s secure API, all order data is kept secure. 


Sync PayPal order tracking with complete automation in real-time. Through the TrackiPal dashboard, track live status, orders synched, and those in progress. The dashboard allows you to view order details easily, drill down to individual orders, or even edit the order information if needed, based on corrections or a customer’s request. 


Grow your Shopify store with TrackiPal by getting paid up to 10 times faster, as PayPal releases funds faster for stores that update order information. We’ve mentioned automation a few times before, but a tool that reduces the manual effort to zero is a benefit for busy merchants. Merchants using TrackiPal have been able to scale their business faster through automation. 

Shopify and PayPal

PayPal is one of the largest online payment systems, especially within the ecommerce and online business world with 227 million active PayPal accounts. PayPal and Shopify have a close relationship as it’s one default payment methods to be set up in a new Shopify account. According to Shopify, “PayPal is one of Shopify’s default payment providers. As soon as you open a store, you're given a PayPal Express Checkout account with the email you used to sign up for your Shopify store.” 

There are so many benefits a merchant should use PayPal as one of their checkout methods on Shopify such as borderless ecommerce, allowing customers from around the world to purchase and easily have their currency converted and process payments. While there are no set up fees to use PayPal and Shopify, there are transaction fees. “You're charged transaction fees each time a customer makes a purchase using this payment method unless you also activate Shopify Payments. With Shopify payments enabled, you aren't charged transaction fees on orders for stores located in most countries.”

Success with TrackiPal and Shopify

TrackiPal is Trusted by more than 5000 stores on Shopify, ranging across from all types of industries and business sizes. We are rated 4.9 on the Shopify App Store and love to see customers make their life easier. 

Un Coquí de Boriquén:
Un Coquí de Boriquén is a children’s shop in Puerto Rico that grew their sales and was able to increase their operations flow at such a critical point for any ecommerce site, during the holiday season. “This Holiday season we saw our sales increase significantly online. When PayPal saw increased activity, it put a hold on all our payments and would not allow us to pay suppliers through PayPal. Needless to say, it was nerve-racking at our busiest time of the year. Once we were able to resolve the hold on our account, we found this app to automatically upload tracking information into each individual payment processed through PayPal. We thought we were going to have to do it manually to get funds released moving forward. Thankfully, this app works like a charm.”

One key factor to growth on Shopify, especially if you are using PayPal, is having a stack of tools and resources merchants can own and count on. By taking advantage of the more than 6,000 apps in the Shopify App Store, you can set up your business for success. 

Install TrackiPal free for 3 days to get familiar with the interface of our intuitive dashboard and synch order details.