How Does Google Analytics Track Paypal Payments?

April 18, 2023

PayPal payments
How Does Google Analytics Track Paypal Payments?

If you accept PayPal as a payment mode, 54% of customers are more likely to purchase from your online store. But on the other hand, when more payment gateways become available and offer a range of benefits, you want to have concrete data on how many online customers use PayPal payments to place orders.

It's where PayPal order tracking can help. You can use the analytics provided by your e-commerce platform to see this data, but Google Analytics is better.

The reason is that an e-commerce platform can only offer so much data. However, Google Analytics provides you with the information you need to achieve more than you previously thought was possible. You can see what your online store is missing from your visitor's perspective.

This blog will help you track PayPal payments on Google Analytics and make the best use of this information.

How to track PayPal payments on Google Analytics?

By completing the following steps, you can connect your PayPal account to your Google Analytics and make PayPal order tracking easy:

Step1: Visit Admin

Step 2: Then tracking information

Step 3: Add "" to the Referral Exclusion List.

Follow the instructions below to make sure GA is reporting your PayPal purchases:

Step 1: Navigate to Conversions > Ecommerce > Sales performance > search any PayPal Transaction IDs.

Step 2: To determine which Referral Exclusion is for your domain, navigate to Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/Medium and search for "PayPal."

After this, you will be able to also continually see and identify your best payment methods, further optimizing your strategy to double your profits from the same with strategic sales.

How to nudge shoppers to pay on PayPal?

It's great that you provide PayPal as a means of payment for your business. But you can't simply include PayPal on your site and call it a day. Additionally, you should encourage more people to use PayPal for their payments.

Here's what you can do if you already accept PayPal as a payment method but have noticed a sharp decline in users.

Sync order tracking number

Simply put, customers may have stopped using PayPal on your store since it's difficult for them to keep track of recent orders.

As you are aware, customers today lack patience. They want to know the status of the most recent delivery. However, it frustrates them more when they cannot track their order information.

Therefore, you must update the order tracking number as soon as a customer places an order and pays using PayPal so that they can easily track their order.

Simply put, customers may have stopped using PayPal on your store since it's difficult for them to keep track of recent orders.

Given the volume of orders you get each day, manually updating order details is a difficult task. You can use the TrackiPal app here. The app can easily sync with your online store and instantly update order details without human intervention.

Offer exclusive benefits

Offering customers special benefits like fast shipping that they can't get with other payment options is important if you want them to continue using PayPal to make payments at your online store.

This can encourage customers who expect prompt delivery to use PayPal for all future transactions.

Offer exclusive deals

You may have noticed that some payment providers give you access to special offers only for using that particular payment method. This offer may include cashback, discounts, offers, or coupons.

You can use this approach to persuade clients to pay with PayPal at your online store.

For instance, let customers know they get a flat 15% discount when paying using PayPal or that they can receive cash back for payments up to a particular amount.

The best way to reward customers who use PayPal to make online payments is to send the cashback to their wallets. In this way, they will once more make payments through PayPal.


PayPal order tracking and the number of customers that use PayPal is very important. This enables you to improve your offerings and optimize them so that more and more customers stick to using PayPal.

But keep in mind that PayPal payments might sometimes result in customer disputes and chargebacks. Therefore, make sure that all of the grounds are addressed to avoid PayPal disputes and chargebacks.

Most customers file these disputes and chargebacks when they cannot locate or track their orders. Therefore, after a consumer places, an order using PayPal, adding the order tracking number to PayPal should be the first step.

However, adding an order tracking number manually on PayPal might be challenging. It's where you can use Shopify apps like TrackiPal to instantly sync order details with PayPal automatically.

Customers can easily track their orders using TrackiPal PayPal sync, which can help you avoid chargebacks and disputes. Sounds great, right?

Install the TrackiPal app to encourage more customers to use PayPal to make payments on your online store.